Our Story

Who We Are

When we opened the first Marathon in 1984, our goal was simple: to provide the neighborhood with the highest quality fresh food at an excellent value. The seeds we planted in our 10-seat burger joint in Northeast Philadelphia have grown into what Marathon is today. Today, our talented team of chefs share the same core principles of consistency, a focus on freshness, and sourcing the best seasonal products available.

We continue to be a locally owned and operated restaurant group and pour ourselves into the daily operations of three busy restaurants. We still have the same drive and passion we did when it all began. We believe in adopting new trends as well as creating our own. More then ever, we believe in building neighborhoods and creating community through great food, sincere service, and a love of warm and interesting spaces. We take great pride in being part of Philadelphia's landscape and feel deeply rooted in our community

We personally believe in the buy local movement and do our best to participate in it. For us, it is all about creating relationships and building strong partnerships through our metal-smiths to the mural artists we work with to make our spaces feel better to the farmers we buy from, and urban-farms we hope to build.

We very much appreciate your business and hope you appreciate what we set out to do each day. We are a company that takes pride in growing, learning, and evolving. If you ever have comments, complaints or suggestions please reach out to us. We'd love to hear from you.

What We Are About

We love food, but more importantly we create the food that people love to eat. We set out each day to provide our guests with a complete feel-good dining experience. We serve well-made American classics, and strive to source the freshest food locally available to us. We offer warm and personal hospitality rooted in a real concern for our guests' experience and we believe that everyone should be able to afford delicious food. We bring people together through food, personal connections and artistic spaces. What drives us is the knowledge that today we are all on the go. At Marathon we understand this, and make it possible to have a truly satisfying dining experience.

What We Do

  • Delicious Food
    We serve food people love to eat – well made American Classics, made by our chefs every day, sourcing the finest and freshest ingredients available.
  • Personal & Unpretentious Service
    We truly care about guests' experiences and provide service that is anticipatory, sincere and knowledgeable.
  • Variety & Choice
    We offer a large selection of menu items. We strive to have something for everyone and do our best to make people feel comfortable when making special requests.
  • Plentiful Portions at a Value
    We serve hearty portions at a price that people can afford.
  • Timely Service
    We are all on the go. We synchronize to meet our guests' busy lifestyles.
  • Reliability
    We want to offer the same great experience every time our guests visit.